Motorsport desktop client

Understanding telemetry

MultiViewer uses real-time telemetry from the cars, together with timing data to give you more insight into driver's performance. At first, this telemetry may be a little hard to understand, but the graphic below should explain all the data:

Illustration showing how to interpret telemetry
  1. The driver's TLA and their current position
  2. A gauge showing the current engine RPM, with inside it the current gear (N for Neutral, R for Reverse, 1-8 for gears) and underneath the RPM value
  3. The driver's current speed in km/h, which will be shown in red when the driver is driving slower than 30km/h
  4. Shows the current DRS status. If it's grey with a red line, DRS is not available for this driver, if it's green but without fill, the DRS is available but not active, if it's green and filled, DRS is currently being used by the driver
  5. The driver's last lap time. Green means it's the driver's personal best lap time in this session, purple indicates the best lap time overall in this session
  6. The driver's best lap time. Purple indicates that they have the fastest lap on track this session
  7. The gap (in seconds) between the driver and the leader of the race or the fastest of the session (for qualifying and free practice)
  8. The gap (in seconds) between the driver and the driver ahead of them (either in the race or the next fastest in a qualifying or free practice session)
  9. The sector times of the driver this lap. The track is divided into 3 sectors, and each sector is divided into smaller segments called "mini sectors". Below the mini sectors is the time of the whole sector, their color indicates if the driver was slower than their personal best (yellow), faster than their previous personal best (green) or fastest overall (purple)
  10. The top shows the mini sectors as little boxes, and their color indicates if the driver was slower than their personal best (yellow), faster than their previous personal best (green) or fastest overall (purple)
  11. The current tire compound that the driver is using. This may be "W" (blue, wet), "I" (green, intermediate), "H" (white, hard), "M" (yellow, medium), "S" (red, soft) or "?" (grey, unknown). The tire may also show a line through it, which means the tire was used before it was fitted, and already has some laps on it. Below the compound is a number that indicates how many laps in total (including previous sessions) have been driven on this tire

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